“Existence of love”


Existence of love.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


For dear Grandparent missed.


Existence of love.

Ice cream with a cherry.
A safe warm house.
A big yard to play in.

Kind smiles and words.
Missed in my old age.
Dear Grandmother told me before I left for war.
“Too many had died in our family in war.  Better to be a live chicken
than a dead hero.”

Grandfather laughter and wise words.
I wished I listen to them more.
Wrote down every one.

Old age had overcome me.
I hear my grandfather voice when I speak.
I have learn kindness and patience.

65 years together.
Dear Grandparent taught me what love was and it existence.

Have a open door for kids.
Be the safe place for the children to feel safe.
Love is the way.

The existence of love is in our thoughts and actions.
I want to be like my dear grandparent.

Give my grandchildren ice cream with a cherry.
Have a safe place to rest.
Be the gentle voice in a mad world.

This is what love is.


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