Do we care?


Do we care?

(A old poem. Today kids are being killed.  51 million on welfare.  How many people are desperate? Spend less on war and more on create jobs. This story made me cry. I tried to call this heartless woman who turn down a starving woman. It is time brother and sister. We must go back to the days of our Grandparent. Help your neighbor and ensure there is opportunity and safe place for all people. This story is common. Starvation can make you do things you wouldn’t do.)



Do we care?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Another mother tried to kill her children. She had no food. They had no shoes. Something is wrong with the USA.










LAREDO, TX (KGNS/CNN) – A desperate Texas mother who was denied food stamps is dead after taking a state welfare worker hostage and then taking her own life.

According to police, Rachell Grimmer walked into a Laredo, TX welfare office with her two children Monday and pulled a gun. Over the course of the seven-hour standoff, Grimmer released her hostage but then fatally shot herself and wounded both of her children.

“They were all barefoot,” said Esther Jaimes, who saw the family waiting at a gas station in October. “They looked dirty, like they hadn’t showered in days, and the little girl was holding a puppy.”

“They were just looking around just trying to see if anyone would help them or something,” she said.

The family of three moved to Laredo in July and lived in a small RV in extreme poverty.

“She was in a desperate need for help in order to feed her children, which I witnessed needed food and shelter,” Jaimes said.

Grimmer’s two children are in critical condition at a San Antonio hospital.

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                Do we care?

One more life is lost.

I’m  pissed off.

A mother desperate for help.

Chose death for herself and children.

Is this the USA?

The woman was barefooted and her children too.

Hungry and desperate the mother tried to kill her children

and took her own life.

People who saw her.

Said she just wanted food and help.

I’m sadden and I must do something.

No excuse for one child to be hungry.

No excuse for one mother to be homeless.


The leaders got a big pay raise.

1.2 billion for house Rep. to eat and sleep.

Every leader in Texas need to be held accountable.

Every person who knew this woman should of done something.

1.2 trillion on police actions.

People need real leaders.

I can’t think.

I don’t understand?

How did we allow this mother to think death was better then

life for herself and her children?

It is time.

For the USA to demand common sense.

Before me or you could be standing with nothing.

Hungry and desperate.

I pray someone would assist you.