Poetry Street: An Angel of Laughter| Poem by Rish B

Amazing artwork and poetry. A outstanding Poet.

The Stranger's Wall


An Angel of Laughter

Whereever she goes,
The smiles never stops,
From the beginning till the end,
She is the sunshine.

Her laughter spreads like a blossom,
Making people feel at ease,
Looking at a sight so beautiful,
Her giggles so cute.

As she sways herself from side to side,
Pulling her dress gracefully,
Stepping on one foot at a time,
Her laughter is so beautifully spread.

Her smiles, chuckles gave her admirers,
Her tone of voice so soft as a feather,
Her compliments makes others happy,
For all she cares of is a good deed.

I’ll say she is an angel of laughter,
She is born with such ability,
Nobody could take it away from her,
For she is one and only, special.

Rish B

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