Five More Sleeps

Time to be kind and show concern. Give to someone in need if you can. A blog needed to be read. The gift of a hello and smile. It also a free gift we can share.

Pooky's Poems

Five more sleeps ’til Christmas,
I’m so excited I could pop,
In five nights time I’ll listen out
For a tinkle and clip clop,
As Santa and his reindeer
Gallop through cold winter skies,
Fuelled equally by fairy dust
And three day old mince pies.

They’ll deliver special presents
To children big and small;
But earlier my Mum said that
Some kids get none at all.
I asked my Mum about it,
Is it ‘cos they’ve not been good?
Oh no, she swiftly answered
Santa would treat them if he could;
But some children don’t have a place
To go home to each night
And so it’s hard for Santa
To get those kids’ addresses right.

The thought of all those children
With no bedroom and no toys,
Made me feel so very sad
For those poor girls and boys.
There must be something we can do
I thought, is there…

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