love does not exist in this world where people live by fear and ego.

Great wisdom in the the outstanding Poet’s words.

Sharkey Speaks

(Black and white)
I shared my soul,
opened mind, arms, and heart
and in the end, lost those too:
I didn’t look the part.

Hope. Love. Faith.
They lie here
Struck down by the failure of believing
In the beauty of one’s spirit
To transcend the beauty of the shell
for its journey.
Headlines bleed apathy’s soured victory.
You haven’t yet raised your weapon
But mark these the first of your kills.

(You’ll never know how this hurts)
I looked for words
To express what it’s done
Shock, hurt, shake,
Deceive, torture, defeat
Yet everything falls short
Of the way it felt to have
The light of my spirit
Stabbed and bleed out
On the double-edged knife
Of “I love you, but:”
To live with the understanding
That your worth is measured
In the influence of a hormone
Rather than influence of your light
That no goodness or…

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