“Happy New Year and enjoy the gifts of life. Family and nature.


Ancient warrior

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Blood cannot change. Sometime must go back to your place of birth to learn peace.


Ancient warrior

I drove to the forest.
Away from the city.
I took my grandson with me to learn the spirit of the forest.
We walked deep into the safety of the woods and
the friendship of the wind.
I watched the birds and animals fly and roam free.

I found a river.
The water was strong and still clean from man’s pollution.
I took out my sage. I lit the sage.
Said a quiet prayer.

I walked along the river.
Three year old Grandson followed.

“Spirit of life and death.
Please give me strength and wisdom.
Protect the water, the earth and the sky.
Allow the spirit of the hawk and wolf to send wisdom
to the leaders of this world.
So much war and violence.
Hate had overtook kindness.”

I heard a quiet whisper in the wind.
“Ancient Warrior. Put your feet into the river.
Refresh your body and heart. Allow nature to absorb your pain.”

I put my feet into the water. My grandson does the same.
I looked to the sky and whispered.
“Thank you spirit of life and death.
Thank you for the drinking water.
Thank you for the green earth.
Thank you for the clean air.”

I raised my hand to the sky.
I allowed the sage smoke to spread around me and my grandson.
I knew the truth. I relearn many times in my life.

“We are one people on one planet.
We must live together in peace.
We must know peace for the sake of the children.”

People tell me.
Man is foolish.
He cannot know peace. He cannot live without war.
Will a nuclear weapon killing a million people?
Will their screams of cities show the way to peace?

Old ancient warrior watches his grandson run through the forest.
He wondered what kind of world did he leave for his grandchild?

Sept. 2012

© 2012 Coyote Poetry