“I see you and you see me”

Om4662a-we-love-ny                                                             I see you and you see me


I told the kids. Take care of Nature and be kind to each other. One planet and one people.



Children are the wealth of a nation. We must teach them well. They need proper food, shelter and to be safe.  Education is the key. A busy mind is a healthy mind.

014_14002_2Once great men fought to end all wars. Words written in human blood and suffering forgotten today.

Plus jamais

Never again

nie wieder

Soldiers having fun.

Soldiers having fun.

02310028I was a Soldier once. Now I stand for peace. No winner in war.


I see you and you see me.  We are the same. We pray, we eat and we love. We want our children to be safe and sound. If a billion people in this world don’t stand as one. Human life will find it’s dead-end.

semras,candle,,CHINA-10065NF7Mother Teresa???????????????????????????????????????????????????

Light a candle and whisper a prayer for peace and calm. Send food, water and medicine. Not guns and bombs to Nations in trouble. If we accept war as norm. One day your child will be fighting and dying for land, oil, religion and profit. Do you want this?


I see you and you see me. I want to accept your life and place. Heal/not kill. If we don’t stand for peace. What will we leave for  our children? My father left me war and I followed his footsteps. Will I do the same for my kids? Every human life is a light of hope. Every murder is a lost of person who could of saved us from our greed and hate.

Coyote/John Castellenas