Thomas Buergenthal “A lucky child”

Lucky child

(Books make friends of people we do not know.)

I read Thomas Buergenthal book today. A man who survived Aushwitz and he went on to be a man of great honor. Instead of holding hate and revenge. He stood his ground for peace and he still stand for the words “Never again.”  If you read. You must read his book “A lucky child”.


“And let us not forget the children who are killed or die of starvation in never-ended armed conflicts, those who were murdered in Rwanda, in the Balkans, in Cambodia, who will keep dying in other parts of the world unless and until we can create a world in which “Never Again” really means “Never again” and not “Never again until the next time.”     T.B


“Tolerance and respect for other human beings regardless of their race, religion, national or ethnic origin, or sexual preference must be taught in schools, in our military academies and religious institutions. Our political leaders, our governments, have an obligation to ensure that this be done.”    T.B


“I have often asked myself what the world would look like today had these individual human beings been permitted to live. How many Einsteins, Mahlers, Freuds, Kafkas, Werfels, Zweig, and Chagals were murdered? What a reservoir of potential artistic, scientific, and intellectual creativity trampled under the storm trooper’s boot and asphyxiated with Zyklon B gas. We will never know what contributions they might have made to mankind,”      T.B

“Reflecting on the terrible lost, we must recognize that the Holocaust was not just a Jewish tragedy; it was a tragedy for the whole of mankind. Millions of lives lost in many parts of Europe, so many cultures deprived of artistic beauty and intellectual greatness that might of been.”       Thomas Buergenthal


I recommend the book. He wrote the book in his later years. He accomplished great things. He tried to stop the new and upcoming Holocaust.  He write with a honest pen. His point that affected me was. He stated. The Holocaust of World war two was a training ground for future mass killing?

002_2“Was the Holocaust merely a practice run for the next set of genocide of other groups of human beings? Of course, I am troubled by these questions, especially when I hear of new atrocities being committed in one part of the world or another.”    T.B

Thank you for stopping by and reading. I try to read at least book weekly. I found the Thomas Buergenthal book “A lucky Child”. The book taught me many lessons. His words left me with questions. Have we changed? Had the value of life become less valuable today?

Coyote/John Castellenas