If You Want to Be My Friend

A beautiful poem for friendship. Please read.

The City of Rain and Coffee


Here’s a short poem for you, if you want to be my friend.

I’ll say it now (but just one time), and hope you understand.

At first I may be quiet, shy, or uncertain how to act.

Please know I am just nervous, a bit insecure, in fact.

But once I leave my shell, we’ll discover who the other is.

With people who are close to me, I’m much more talkative.

Now, friendship is a push and pull, always a give and take.

If we cannot find a balance, our bond will be at stake.

I can’t spend all my energy on someone who doesn’t see:

Friendships best endure when built on reciprocity.

I fiercely love my friends, and keep them by my side.

The make me proud and make me laugh; they keep me honest and alive.

We could be partners in crime, or mellow classroom pals.

We’d dance…

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