Teach me kind lover




Teach me kind lover

Dear Julia told me. Johnnie. Can’t live to die. You must live to live.
Please come back alive with me, dear poet. Her gentle fingers laced my hands and she held me tightly.

The Summer  moon was perfect. Seemed like the star were dancing with the moon tonight. She whispered. Dear Johnnie. Teach me,  love is addicting and two people can know sweet dream and place. I will teach you how love need to be defined. Love is needing someone night and day. Love don’t demand. Love expands and multiplies.

I told her. I wished in the wishing well upon the hill for you sweet Julia. I have dreamed of you dancing, singing sweet song to me into late night and I  imaged you nude and free for me. Waiting for me and we fall together into proper place.
Sweet Julie held me close. She sang song of love into my wanting ears. Her gentle brown eyes stole away my sadness and made me wish to never leave her embrace.

The long night allowed two people to create new place and hope. Love can be born with sweet words and song. She whispered my Johnnie. Teach me true kiss and embrace and I will teach you what love can be.