Very good music. The pretty reckless “Taylor Momsen and a poem”



I will miss nothing

You told me I was the only one once. Just whispered fairy tales  to enhance the moment and the need.

Naked bodies fought for the hunger of the flesh and forgot the heart will wish and hope.


Wishes and hope become dirty words when the body cries out for more. I thought you were my muse. I learn

too late. You were my cold of Winter siren. Wanting attention till I had nothing left. Leaving me for dead when the new days of Spring rebirth.


I begged for your love and you told me. Love is just another four letter word with bad consequences. Can’t make the heart complete. We are too numb to know love is the utopia for the few. People, like us, seek wanting flesh and bones and forget to worship and care for the heart.


Now I have my whiskey and song. Words written into journals. I wrote the words.

I miss nothing.

As soft tears fall and I know I lies.


Coyote/John Castellenas