“Please,promise me forever”

f9970daff1d8e753fe948f2f0122680b7bb8f3289a78DOLCE GIORNOPlease, promise me forever

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Promises of love are endeared to our hearts.


                                     Please, promise me forever

Bashful and tender beauty rest with me on soft sheets of silk.
Her eyes are filled with delight and hope.

When a woman is content.
Her laughter and joy overtake you and take flight.
Kindling desire and renewing hope and dreams.
In the shrine where lovers fear not the perils and strife of love.
Is where Spring and lovers can truly meet.

Love is like the Spring.
The hope of warm days and long walks in the sweetness of the Spring days.
Allowed the lovers to be wild and free.
Delicate kisses leading to new boundaries and new places to be touched.
Nourish the two heart to desire to dance and be free of real life.

I kissed her ear gently.
I kissed her cheek and she smiled.
I kissed her on the mouth and she brought me closer.

She asked me once did I love her.
She asked me twice did I truly need her.
She asked me three times not to leave her.

Lover’s love. Dreamer’s dream.
When love is near.
Don’t sing the song of the dead.
Sing the song of inflamed and engulfed heart.
Not fearing the sunset or the opening of a new sunrise.

Love isn’t free.
It comes with a large payment.
Two heart will became one.
She pleaded “Please promise me forever.”

Two lovers fell down to the mercy of love.
The farewell of sadness and old misery faded away.
New dreams and laughter flew into the wind allowing the Gods
of love to know.

Love survive in spite of the greed and decay of the bleeding world.


© 2014 Coyote Poetry