Cold blooded lover


"By Heart"

Cold blooded lover

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Good song create good and bad places.


Cold blooded lover

She was a Irish beauty. Loved her whiskey and the dance. She had hair of fire and the temper of an untamed siren.
I went to her after she downgraded many suitors at the Monterey coffee shop and I asked for a game of chess. Her eyes try to concealed interest and she told me. Sit down if you please. I’m poor company and a bad chess players. I don’t like bullshit conversation and I’m not interesting in a date.

I liked her Book of Ernest Hemingway The complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway .” I told I want little. I’m like you. I need little now. I do like your book.  Hemingway life was cool. He lived life without regret till the end. Death make us all know regret. She smiled and took my chess board. She spread them quickly upon the old wood board. I knew she loved the game of chess. Chess is the game of people who liked new endings and new openings.

She led in the attack offense. I played safely, trying to extend the game and to hear her voice for a longer time. She smiled at me and she told me. I know you are playing possum in the game of chess to be near me. My name is Jenny and you make me laugh. I know who you are. You are the dark Poet name Johnnie who lead the readings on Tuesday here and at the Pacific Grove coffee-house. Are you trying to seduce me?

I smiled and I wrote words upon a napkin. I gave to her and she read.

Red hair siren
She was damn in the hope of love. She regretted nothing and wanted little. Hard drinking and smoking lady who wanted her space without damnation. She had read hair of fire and voice of sweet angel. I told her. I’m aroused
by red hair beauties who attempt to keep me away..

She smiled and she asked. How do you know I drink and love the whiskey Johnnie? I smiled and I told her. We have talks often at the Irish Pub.  I caught you at the end of the long night and we danced. You remember, just you want to forget you can laugh and have some fun. Beautiful Jenny took my hands and she whispered. Cold blooded lover know how to drink and fall in the false veil of love. We can undress, discover every hidden scar and mark upon a body. The fruit of love is for the few, not for us. Some of us like chaos and turbulent waters. Great safety in wanting and expecting nothing.

I took her hands. Kissed each one and I told her. People like us will be together playing chess at the Purgatory Inn one day. People who never know the wholeness of love and life. We will need little at the ending. Tonight dear Jenny, lets buy some whiskey and dance upon the Monterey beach. Lets trick the Gods. Make them think we are not afraid of life and laughing at their empty dreams.

Dear Jenny smiled and she told me. I ain’t cheap. The whiskey must be good and the night is long Johnnie. Please let us dance and drink till we can’t no-more. We left the coffee shop. Holding hands like old lovers. I knew Jenny was like me. Love have forsaken us but we have not forsaken love.

Coyote/John Castellenas

© 2015 Coyote Poetry