True love gives all


True love gives all

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A old and good memory. Our elders teach us how to live.













True love gives all.

Sixty five years together.
He stood by my grandmother with his hand in her hand.
His loving eyes never leaving her beautiful face.

He shopped daily at the Farmer Jacks and bought her treats she desired.
Just to see her smile and content.
.When he couldn’t drive at 91 year old.

He failed his driver test.

That broke his heart but like the depressions,

Wars and  bad times he kept his positive attitude.

He raised me and my sister without one complains.

Us kids always had a place to come and rest.

He would give me solid advice and accepted  my mistakes

 With  kind words of “It would be alright. Can I help you?”

I still can hear my Grandfather voice telling me.

“Think before you speak. Nothing good to say. Say nothing.”

He taught me true love give all.

I still can see my Grandfather all dressed up with my Grandmother next to him.

They gave to me and the family till their last breath.

When I came back from Iraq in 1991.

He took the whole family out.

He was so happy I was alive and well. 

He told me “I lost too many to old wars.

I’m proud to see you standing tall on your own two feet.

He taught me to love and care for my family.

Today I feel his spirit and wisdom in my soul and heart.

I hear his voice when I speak.

True love gives all.


                            Nov. 1998

© 2011 Coyote Poetry