The Wanderess-part 3

Amazing art and story. You won’t be able to stop reading this story. A talented artist and writer.

Cascadia Legends and Poetry

enb2015_1_13_2_40_21Riku and Sorex both stayed awake till the hour became late… ScreenShot4329“Well honey, it’s the at the very top of the hour…enb2015_1_13_2_42_26Oh!” Sorex suddenly gasped, “That’s right, don’t forget that I’ll be leaving to visit my father tomorrow down at The Winking Skeever in Solitude!”enb2015_1_13_2_44_30“Wow…” Riku sarcastically went, “You visit him every month! Don’t you have a mother to visit?”enb2015_1_13_2_44_40“Oh come on now!” Sorex said, “You know that I don’t have a mother…Except you…!” 

Sorex and Riku Bonnet both laughed to themselves,enb2015_1_13_2_44_7“Well hey, listen. Have a good trip, okay?” Riku’s voice purred as she spoke.enb2015_1_13_2_44_40“Yep. That’s what I do! Sure you don’t wanna come?”

Riku grunted, “I always see your dad! Besides, I can see him anytime, you know?”

“I’ll admit, he can be a tad bit egocentric at times!” Sorex went, “But he’s family, you know!”

“Yeah, I know. Wish I had parents to…

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