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I am what I am.
A female of otherworldly porportions.

A living example of a temple built on a foundation created by women.
I have a woman’s body.
With curves and folds and stretch marks and beauty marks.
I have twirled with infatuations.
Wrestled with lust.
And wrapped myself around love.

I cling on by the roots of my being.
A female proud and strong and humbled by my culture.
A culture based on women being the backbone and the face for their family.

I am a dancer.
I foxtrot with similies.
I tango with metaphors.
I plié with the stanzas.
I waltz with iambic pentameters.
Words and sounds create
The tunes to which I sway to.

I am what I am.
A woman who has bled.
Has fought. Has suffered.
Has been privvy to the dangers and joys of womanhood.

The curves of my breast and hips,
The colour…

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