(Need a poem for love on this cold day) Deeper and deeper we shall fall


Deeper and deeper we shall fall

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Real proof of love. Holding on tighter in the bad days and celebrating the good days together


                            Deeper and deeper we shall fall

She looked at me with eyes of hope and she questioned me. “If you want me. You must tell me so. I want to hear the sweet words of love every day, every hour. I want you to yearn for me when we are apart. Take me at will. Make me feel like your first need. The last need.”

She brought me into her arms and whispered. “Real lovers fall deeper and deeper. Allowing the darkness of the night to ascent two people into the place of no return. Burning desire of  flame can grow if the love is true and powerful.”

I told her we are
Can you make me believe you are true and forever.
I have died a thousand times in the myth of love.
Sweet and longing kisses had turn dirty and painful with time.
In the game of flesh and bones. Are we just addicted to the flesh and the heat of the wound?”

She kissed me and she opened her hands and told me.
“If the hands are empty and we have nothing to hold tightly into cold and lonely nights. We have
nothing to lose or gain. What do we have? Lovers must love. We must reach for true love/foolish love.
Better to die of heartache than to be a lonely ship with no place to anchor.”

I understood her and I knew we needed wild and untamed love to make us come alive again.
Love is our curse and our blessing.  We must bleed to know what love is.
I looked into beautiful hazel eyes.
She fell into my arms and deeper and deeper two lovers reached for the stars and the moon.