Kayla Mueller, A Hero for the World

For Kayla Mueller. We must not forget her and remember what she stood for.



Kayla Mueller was the ultimate hero for our world. Her compassion in her work as a humanitarian, a true global citizen, is something that should be shouted from the mountaintops, celebrated throughout all the continents as what we should strive for daily on this earth.

Her work in helping others serves as a touchstone for us all, an invitation to look outside of ourselves and understand that we cannot stand by in disregard, in ignorance, to what is happening in the world. Her spirit shines through her pictures– the love exudes as a beacon for our compassion.

The reality of the dangers in this world is clear. The challenges seem to be, at times, insurmountable. (How can we talk about peace, when the ears and minds of so many only hear guns, and think of blades as solutions to an end?)

But it is in each step, each grace of…

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