“Sanctuaries of the sweet kiss and the embrace

cc83b1183b66273ad09147788104e140Sanctuaries of the sweet kiss and the embrace






A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Best days of a life. When love is being born.


                               Sanctuaries of the sweet kiss and embrace.

My beautiful enchantress. It is a moonless night.
The gentle lights of the soft candles allowed my eyes to be entrapped
in the view of your womanly curves.

You entice me with a smile and a whisper “Come near my Johnnie.”
You watch my face blush overwhelm by the sacred sight of a amourous maiden.

I hesitate knowing to harvest the vision of tender feet, long legs, soft breast and beautiful face.
Your laughing eyes blue eyes make me smile. A woman know to make a man wait. A wise man
know to seize the moment.

To ensure to travel the soft and tender skin of a maiden slow and easy. Learning and knowing every curve
and mark upon the ocean of her body. A rare view given to men by kind and beautiful woman.

My enchantress raises up off the soft bed. Her body looking erotic and tempting by the glow
reflecting by the light of the soft lights given by the candles. Fire red hair, soft breast moving and soft hands offering the paradise of tender skin and sweet kisses.

I hold the hands of my love and  I kiss her sweet lips. I hesitate and tell her. “I desire to put lotion of lavender
upon you from feet to soft shoulders. I want to touch and adore your body from feet to sweet lips. To know you like I know my path to my home.”

My temptress smile and laughed. She whispered to me in a voice sweeter than honey. “I look forward to this
my lover. Love is fair. I will allow you to feel and touch all my secret places. The sanctuaries of lovers is fair. I must return the favor.”

I smiled and whispered to my love.

“The night is young.
Sweet bliss need to be built upon.
Dear enchantress allow the mercy of the night
for us to learn to swim in the passion.

The moonless night tell no secrets.
True lovers can find paradise of love without fear.
To allow the heart to be fearless and alive.

The sweet dance of desire lead us to places
where lovers learn to appreciate the sweet kisses and warm embrace.

Two lover fall together.
Words are not needed anymore.
The sanctuaries of the sweet kiss and embrace allowed us to know.
We have lived and loved once.