“What will be left?”


poverty007_7What will be left?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need to show concern for Nature. Before she disappears.


  What will be left?I took my children to the lake.
Signs are posted.
 Do not swim.

I will buy a K-mart pool and put in the backyard.

Damn we killed off the Great Lakes.

Cancer is running uncontrollable..

The slow death by pollution and greedy men.
Destroying our forest and woodlands.

Will  my children be able to play outside?
Or will pollution eat away at their dreams.

We tell our children to be kind.
Skin color doesn’t matter.
 You can do anything.

We tell them to be fair and not fight.
Fighting will not solve problems.

Yes, the children see our morals.
 They see the hate and disappointment.

  Their eyes see the thousands who are homeless and poor.

Our leaders  sending soldiers to kill.
Not trying to have  peace talks and solve problems.

We wonder why our children don’t want our leftovers.

We must stop the hate.
And the violence and the useless killing.

Keep the family together.

The healing must begin.
Or the eyes and mind of our children will turn against us.

For leaving nothing.



Togetherness - 1 Corinthians 1 verse 10