into the mist

Beautiful artwork and gentle words. Please read and enjoy the amazing writer.


Xsa on the beach_003

So tired, I found a place to lay my head

slowly I felt the tension  ease away

the world was quiet, yes there were sounds

but somehow, I knew that they were not part of me

I was safe in my space, this warm welcoming embrace

mist 1 flickr

I am set adrift

like the quiet days at the cottage

when I could paddle on the lake while the mist still danced

along the water and the soft sounds of nature

filled my head with joys of solitude

when I was ONE with nature

and my heart, body and soul

found peace

mist 2

on warm summer days I made my way

through the trees, to the cottage on the cliff

the sun would shine through the trees,

the rough path to get there

always familiar to my feet

I’d climbed it since my youth

now, love and faith

draws me home

mist 3

ahead there is…

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