My Great Perhaps

Happy Valentine day and enjoy the words of a amazing Poet.

Sleepless Warrior

6 billion people walk
In this earth and I found you

You are the missing puzzle
In my life and made it complete
You shine so brightly among
The million stars above the sky and
From one glimpse
You have captured my heart
Our soul entwined and
Handed me your name
With open mind and
Open heart
You are so generous
You gave all you’ve got

You are the light
On each every darkness
Of my days
My better half
You are the constant piece
In my life
That I know will never
Walk away

Your love is so sweet
Just as a nectar from a honey bee
You’re the taste
I kept craving everyday
I can’t get enough of you
Every single day
I need you in my life so
I can breathe and live
Another day

You consume my mind
My heart
My body and soul
I think…

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