Nothing will last forever

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The Game Of Love

Nothing will last forever

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A re-write from 1989


                            Nothing will last forever
She sat alone. Her lingering tears falling down her beautiful face. I have told her often. Nothing last forever. Even the strongest love weaken to just memories of things that are lost andcan’t be found.I forgot to tell her. The irony of love is. The goodbyes  are written and engraved on the walls of our hearts forever.
The allure of love make us fearless and foolish, than can vanish and be absorbed by life and bad actions.

Today she asked me. Where did the crazy man of yesterday disappear to?   Where did my desperate lover who yearned for my touch and kiss go? Why is love vengeful and cold?

I told her. Like all dreams and goals. They fade away to become distance memories in a life where you fall upon unknown places and lose your direction. Can’t find the place of peace and honor.

She come to me and he shook me and then she embraced me. She whispered you can’t run from dead things, old wars and faded memories of love. Life is to be lived. We must take chances, dare and tease the Gods of love with long embraces and allowed the bad days to lay dead and forgotten. What we do today is what matters.

I kissed my lover and brought her closer. I whispered to her. You are my sweetest dream, brought tranquil and calm to a mad man. I will stay if you want me here.  Sweet woman kissed my forehead and than my lips. She whispered love is fragile and tender. I want you here with me in the good days and bad day. I want you here to keep me safe and warm in the cold of the Winter nights. Please stay with me and let us plant a garden of hope and possibilities.

I told her. I will stay with you. You have saved me once and left me breathless and hopeful when you came into my life. I’m sorry for falling to old misery and bad places. I need you my dear lover. You are my sweetest friend.                          Coyote/John Castellenas