Knocking’ on heaven’s door


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Knocking’ on heaven’s door

Dear brothers and sisters. What have we done?  War are alive and well. Hate and separation is create a pot of dead man stew where no-one can win.

War my friend. Is man’s great sin. Do you want your child to fight wars for old hate? We teach our children war and death before they can learn to live and love. Who will pay for our sin of allowing war to take-over love, concern and kindness? It is time. Time to heal, not kill. Send food, water and medicine to the people in need. Not guns and soldiers.

The world is getting smaller. Faraway war will find our doorsteps. All of us will learn. War and hate take away the best from us. Too many kind heart were stole from us. Let’s for the memories of kind women and men who die in the service of helping of peace, starvation and medical assistance. Demand the end to war. Bullets don’t care if you are from Asia, Africa or the America. Just steal gentle breath and human life from us.

Coyote/John Castellenas