Leather and lace

Leather and lace

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Good song allowed us to create good poetry.

Leather and lace

I have played monster, demon and abuser. I was left with the gin and the long Island ice teas, too much sin and no place to go. I have found the emotion that resembled love and I left broken glass of people with actions done without knowing. We will pay for every bad action or good.

I sat alone in the Purgatory Inn in the dark taverns of Texas. Waiting for no-one. Just living for the Tom Collins and Long Island ice teas. I  liked Texas. People leave you alone to die in your own misery. Pretty bartender  watched me carefully.   Studying  my face and kept the Long Island fresh and strong. She asked me. Why was I alone just writing words and drinking? I looked up and saw her pretty face and perfect sea blue eyes looking into my soul. I told her. Just doing my time in purgatory inn.  I left too much behind and I reached a dead-end.

She laughed at me and she told me. No angels here sweetie. Just us people trying to make sense of life and death. You are too pretty to be alone. I’m off in a hour. We will find a dance hall and I will make you laugh. I told her. I’m poor company and I would like to go dancing  and to laugh tonight.

She was a Texas beauty.  Confident, flowing blond hair and she told you the truth. It was a hot Texas summer night. She worn short cotton dress and tank top that covered little.  I drove to the nearby dance hall in Belton, Texas. I paid the cover and before we could find a seat. She took me to the dance floor. Willie Nelson song “Angel flying too close to the ground” was playing and we fell into a Texas two-step.  She told me. I know you Johnnie. We have danced before. I liked you. You didn’t try to attack me and you treated me with respect.


I told her. I remember you. I also remember me. I wasn’t ready yet. I left burning fires behind and I need time to gather my thoughts. She smiled and told me. Tonight you are not alone Soldier. Amie need some laughter too and I will take you home tonight. We will drink coffee in the morning and see where we landed.

Her apartment small and cozy. Small kitchen and living room. Her bedroom in view neat and tidy. She made coffee and brought the coffee to me. She kissed me once and she whispered I will be back in a second. I turned on the radio and Willie Nelson song “Seven Spanish Angels” was playing. Willie song “Sunday morning’ comin down” was playing when beautiful Amie came out in lace of red covering soft hips and perfect breasts.  She danced alone for a second. I watched her and I remember her now. She took me home a few months back when I was too drunk to drive back to base. She gave me a couch, breakfast and coffee in the early morning. I remember the mercy she had given me.

She fell at my feet and  I asked her. What do you want to do with an old drunk? I’m broken and can’t be repaired. You are so beautiful. You tempt every part of me wearing the lace of red on your perfect skin. If I touch you. I will want to return and never leave. She embraced me. Kissed my head like a small child and she whispered. Leather and lace is a woman like. Woman want a man to respect her and need her.  I see in your eyes. A sedative man needing to be reborn. I have lost in love my darling. Today we rise from the dead. Create new hunger and learn to be alive. I will show you leather and lace. You will show me passion that will leave be trembling and wishing for more.

I brought her near. Kissed her lips and I told her. Okay and thank you dear Amie.
Coyote/John Castellenas