Written in 1987, same world and problems. “Am I dead or alive?”


Am I dead or alive?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A old poem found. Written 1987.


                             Am I dead or alive?

Describe emotion.
Describe love.
Describe pain.

For every beautiful moment.
Must there be pain also?

For every gift of tenderness and love.
Must we repay it by hate and abuse?

Today my life is even.
All things in balance.

I know the sun will shine again.
The stars will appear in the evening sky.

What is life?
Are we here for any purpose?

Each life does it have any meaning?
Are we just cattle waiting to be slaughtered?

I wonder if being kind, honest is it worthwhile?
Sometime I feel the world is for the strong.

I hope the men and woman of peace are still somewhere.
I rarely hear their voices talking of peace and great dreams.

Where are the storytellers? Where are the lovers of peace gone?
The great people who fight for the weak and the poor?

Anger and pain have overtook my life.
Better to be strong and heartless then kind and foolish.

Am I afraid of tomorrow?
Will I have the energy to walk and survive in this world?

Will I smile?
Will I become the great liar?
Will I show emotion or fake tears to hide the coldness?

Today I like loneliness.
I walk the line of no decision.
Will I join the game?
Become tunnel vision for power and wealth?

Tomorrow the cries of the sick and the hungry may come to my ears.
Will I listen?

Will I become another monster.
Become a leader of control.
Show little emotion and allow the weak to fall to the roadside.

One day you may see me.
Standing above the poor and foolish.
You may think you see a tear.
No tears in this heartless body.

For even the dreamer can give up.
When the world become to scary to fight back.

Becomes a robot of death.

Please children don’t walk with me.
I’m the killer.
The supporter of the rich man.
The supporter of war for profit.

When you see me.
Don’t say anything.
Your disappointment give me strength and power.

When I raise my hand to fight.
Walk away and pray for me.
Pray in hell I will find my peace.

Let me soak in the fear of you.
Knowing you have happiness and great dreams.
There is love in your life.

But my heart and mind will block the desire of love and peace.
No profit in peace.

I will be alone in death.
But for the children.
I hope.

I hope we learn to teach the children to love.
Color of skin doesn’t matter.
To cry out for the poor is not a weakness.
Love is the greatest high.
Pain is the test of be alive.

Violence and war is the way to create wealth and expand hate.

The funniest part of living is  how to control our emotion.
We love so few in a life.
We have the ability to love so many more.
We should love  the earth, the children and the people.

Pain is the emotion we feel most.

We need to be like children.
Eyes of no fear.
Only the desire to learn and friendship.

The children see the world.
They feel the hate, fear and violence.
How can we teach love?

Our children become us in the future.
We need to teach them well.

Teach them all men and woman are equal.
Teach them to be kind and love/forgive.

Show them the good road.

A fool’s wait for answers.
Time for the dreamers and lovers of peace to fight also.

War is not peace.
War is the killing of human kindness.
Thank you
22 May 1987