“A wild bird”



A wild bird.

I saw the fear in her eyes.
She told me that “I love you.
I need you.”

But I’m afraid.
Afraid of losing myself in a emotion
where I won’t be able to escape.

A wild bird can’t be captured.
A wild bird may forget the freedom it once had.
But in dreams will fly free and have no walls to lock them in.

I heard her crying at night.
She was swimming in a sweet love
and dreaming of flying away.
Twisting up her dreams and heart.

A wild bird will slowly die.
One day.
The wildness in the eyes of the wild bird will be gone.

She  quit talking of life and great dreams.
Her laughter  faded away.
Her spirit of life was lost in the gentle breezes.

I try to motivate my love.
I took her to the sea, the mountains and
we took long road trips.

I saw her blue eyes become sadder.
I used to see the blue sky in her eyes.
Now I saw sadness and tears.

I will set my wild bird free.
I will tell her to fly away to her hope and dreams.
I will tell her.
I will wait for you.

Somethings can’t be held down.
Some dreams are so powerful.
They can kill your energy and joy of life.

I couldn’t kill my beautiful lady.
I could not cage her in a love with walls and barriers.

I released her on a sunny day.
I took her to the airport.
I broke my heart.

I found a sort of peace for setting a spirit free to
wander the great world.

I knew when you set a wild bird free.
They would not  return.