Excuses for rape. The gods must think we are nuts. Women are our mothers, sisters and grandmothers. They should be loved and protected. Not abused and sold.

The beanbag reflections

I just watched the appalling documentary –India’s Daughters. India’s daughters???? Really??? I still have goosebumps all over my body from watching that horrendous video! I am appalled. I am disgusted! I am just at a loss for words!!! I can’t stop the wave of nausea that hits me every time I think of the lawyers’ comments and I can’t help wishing someone would just do to him what he said was just a thing- I wish someone would pull his intestines out of his anus (like what happened to that poor victim; only her entrails came out of her vagina)

She is definitely not the 1st victim of a gang rape, then why all the commotion? Maybe because it happened in the capital, maybe because the media hyped it a lot, maybe because she was so badly wounded and everyone came to know about it? or maybe it was…

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