Please show me you love me

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Please show me you love me

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


Please show me you love me

I was a bleeding man. Old wounds allowed to bleed to keep safe. The aroma of love had turn sour and cold. I have joined war to die. Death wasn’t polite. He decide the final walk was to be slow and painful.

The cadence of time was fair. I have followed my father road. The rum highway was slower and it would be a death still. Dead brothers, bad decisions and dead-end roads had led me to Austin, Texas every Friday and Saturday night. I drank till I wasn’t drunk anymore.

Bleeding men don’t feel the pain and misery no-more. I sat alone listening to New Orleans  Jazz man in  a downtown Jazz club in Austin, Texas. I gave him ten dollars and I asked for the saddest song possible. The old black jazz man touched my face and he told me. No sad song for you soldier. You have known and seen enough sadness. I will play a song for you. He played the song “New Orleans ladies” for me. The song made me smile and I went to thank him. He stood up and gave me a hug and he whispered. Let old things die and live for today.

I went to the new wave club. Austin, Texas had every kind of music. I was safe in the new wave club. The new music left me safe from the kids flowing and moving on the dance floor to sound and movement. I ordered my Long Island ice tea and watched the Texas beauties dance to the electronic music. Few words and no sounds.

I felt a gentle caress on my shoulder and a Texas girl asked me to dance. I told her I wasn’t here for dance. I was here to be left alone. Her eyes looked at me like a science experience. She was a Texas beauty. Wearing just enough dress to cover her butt. Full-breasted and tall. She stood there for a second and she whispered. You ain’t dead yet. If I walk away from you. It will be your lost. Not my lost.

I looked into beautiful hazel eyes and I told her. I ain’t good company. You are a Texas beauty. Why do you want to dance with a men sitting alone?  She smiled and she came close. I know you mister Poet. You read the poetry and tell the stories. Don’t be afraid. I don’t bite till later and my name is Katie. I told her I can two-step and rock and roll. New wave music isn’t me. I’m not a floating.

She laughed at my comment and she told me. New wave music is cool. No rules, we just move with the music. I was eight Long Island ice teas in. I joined her on the dance  floor. Was easy to fall into the music. I was dancing with four girls and I didn’t complain. After a few dances. I ordered some drinks and Katie stared into my eyes. She told me. You don’t care anymore, do you? Just a dead man walking, are you? I told her,  a long and boring story. I drink to forget, not to remember.

Her eyes took a view of pity and she brought me near. She held me like a child who needed love and kindness.  I held her embrace and I told her. I was alright. I have accepted my destine place. She told me with a kind smile. I made the best bacon and eggs. Can make french toast, a king would beg for. Please come home with me and talk awhile. I have a brother who served. I know you need a friend.

I went to her nearby apartment and she told me on the way to her home. She worked as a nurse. I take care of babies. I like dancing. Make me feel free and wild for a second. I felt her loneliness. I knew. Few people tell the truth and are honest. She was telling me the truth.

We  arrived at her apartment. Neat and organized.  I sat on her love seat and she fell into my lap and she looked at me and she whispered. All of us bleed. Many kinds of war. I watch babies died daily. Every baby who died. Take a piece of me. Death is a slow killing. Dear Johnie. Please save me and I will save you.

I saw in Katie eyes. I saw the sadness.  I told her.  Dear Katie.  I can try, I’m in deep shit and I believe we will be alright. You have shown me. War is hell and life is hell also. We need a gentle caress of love and kindness. I’m thankful to have met you tonight. She held me tightly and she told. We will be okay dear Soldier. Love and kindness conquer all.

Coyote/John Castellenas