A Poem by Coyote Poetry


How much do we truly need?



If I lost everything. Would  I become afraid?

We live in a time. Where needing more and more is the real value of life to most. How many toys do you need?

Where is the coffee time and long conversations? Cell phones and computers make us forget the human touch,
the human voice.

Is real value of a good life, dying with a million dollars sitting in the bank? Wishing you had traveled. Wishing you had sat by the sea and  drank good beer and wine with friends and family.

I don’t believe money is the cure for happiness. I know we must work to buy food and shelter. Invest money so we can live okay when we are old and gray.

I don’t want everything. I want my hand in my daughter hand when we cross the street. I want to hear Grandchildren calling my name. Grand-dad. I want my kind wife near when I’m weak and need a tender touch.
To me, this is a enough.

A good life is encircled with many mother embraces, Grandma kisses and Grandfather big smiles and good words. This is the real wealth of a life.

A solitary man who cared for wealth and his business. What does he have?  Old story by Og Mandino.”A rich man came to him. He told Og. Give me a reason to live. I have wealth now and no hope left. I will pay you a million dollars to show me the good way. Og told him. Follow me. Og took him to a graveyard. The rich man asked. Why did you bring me here? Og told him. These folks are dead and  can’t do nothing to improve their life. Sir, you are alive. Give your money away do something worthwhile. Live and find real purpose. Money to people in graveyard don’t mean much. The rich man thanks Og and he understood.”

A poor man who gave away everything and he is surrounded by family. Children who loved him  and appreciate him. Had many good friends and know art, books and music. He had a complete life.

Maybe everything is not so wonderful. Maybe you should love many and know the meaning of kindness.

Coyote/John Castellenas