At What Age Did You Lose Your Compassion?

Best poetry make us think and ponder. This poem does. A amazing poem by a talented writer.

Kayla Hunt Poetry

At what age

did you lose
your compassion?
At seven
did that bully
who pushed you on the playground
teach you that
some people
are just mean.
At thirteen
did that group of girls
teach you that
beauty is something
not everyone has.
At twenty
did that ex lover
teach you that
everyone at some point
will grow tired of
your presence.
At thirty two
did that boss
teach you that
there will always
be someone stronger
and better
than you.
At forty five
did that marriage
teach you that
love is built up
only to fall apart.
At fifty seven
did that dog
teach you that
people can be
with some fur.
At sixty eight
did that house
teach you
loneliness exists
at all hours of the day.
At seventy three
did that fall
teach you
that life
isn’t so strong after all.
At eighty six
did that…

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