“Sunday lovers”

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Sunday lovers

Me and you lost in cotton sheets. The sun sneaked into the room and you bring your body closer. You whispered. It is Sunday morning and we have no place to go. Time for a long bath and I will return to you. You give me a gentle smile and whispered. Bathtub fit two if you are lonely.

I watched you love walk away. You leave me breathless, stripping down near and slowly walking toward the bathroom.
I watched your movement of hips and legs. I told you. Thank you my sweetest friend. You turned around and smile. Kind and beautiful eyes looked at me and a slender right hand reached out to me.  I give a silence thank you for Sunday morning and my beautiful and kind love. I followed you to the waiting hot water.

Sunday mornings teaches us. You and me are one. Two finding joy in the safety of the free day and holding on tightly to love and want.

Coyote/John Castellenas