I am a Thunderstorm 

Amazing artwork and words from a outstanding writers.

Souldier Girl

The past is a prologue

To the story of my life
Born into the palms of
Someone who would always be
A stranger
I was supposed to be a boy
Named David
What a stunner
Instead I was born an anchor
My backstories are burdens
Weighing lovers down
Positioning them on the run
My hands tremble
I jump before the trigger
My life is a thunderstorm
And I twirl in it
I sleep in it
I breathe with stillness in it
Often my tears outdo it
I was the bolt of lightening
Shocking an unsuspecting island
Making waves that never quit
Inked with marks of slits
Upon each wrist
It just is what it is
I am what I am
I am a thunderstorm
I am that rain, that wetness
Gliding downstream
On your cheeks
*From “make it rain Monday” on Kindred Words

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