Who Will Pass My Graveside

Great thoughts and wisdom in the writers words. Please read and enjoy.


Who will pass my graveside
When this life I have passed by
Will strangers stop and wonder
Who’s lying here and why
Will nature’s weeds and wildness
Be companion’s sweet delight
Or will friends and family keepsakes
Gift tears upon this site
Will joggers jog and walkers walk and cyclists bike around
Whilst crooked canes and crumbled spines
Kneel on this hallowed ground
Will Mother Nature wash the grime Forgiveness her lament  
Will I look up and down you
With joy or pure repent
Will Crows pick at my marrowed bones
As Winos lean and sway
Will sufferered fools traipse blindly through
Life’s riddles on this day.  
Just twice the chimes will ring out loud within this precious life
Once to start your journey and once to still your strife
Tis what you do between the chimes that matters most my friend
Take time to love and laugh…

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