A new poem. Can’t go back


Can’t go back

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


After breaking a heart. Better not to look back. Can’t return back to the place of sweetness, after burning down the bridges with bad actions and words.


Can’t go back

Last time I saw you. You were covering your face and hiding tears. I knew when I exit the door. I couldn’t return.

I had everything once and wanted more. You told me. “Wild and crazy Johnnie. You must stop and hold on to me.  Even the wild sea know calm and must rest. Johnnie, the wars and regret are gone. Stay with me and allow our hearts to grow to everlasting and a good love.”

I left you on a Winter day to go fight wars for men who did not care if I lived or died. I learn life is like a old willow tree. The good branches will grow and expand. The bitter branches will slowly die and be forgotten.

I called you. I was seeking redemption. I told you. I have not forgotten you sweet Julie. You lay heavy upon my mind. Beautiful Julie told me. “Once we had a clean love. Free and wild. We were intoxicated with each other kiss and touch.  We left the cold world outside and we both healed. You decide war and the road was more tempting than my love and my embrace. You can’t go back Johnnie. Clean love become dirty love when sadness overtake the good days. I love you Johnnie. Take care of yourself. I can’t take another goodbye dear Johnnie.”

I sit in the Austin Tavern now. I became the the tavern Poet. The kids listen to my advice with wanting ears. I tell them. No redemption for men who live for war and sin. Worldly goals will lead you to dead-ends and loneliness. If a woman love you. Hold her tightly and tell her. She is the reasons for you to be alive and you want to love her to your dying day.

Coyote/John Castellenas