not perfect …

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not perfect
not perfect …

don’t hand to me that halo
it’s sure to slip down,
and when it does i’ll choke
on perfection as i drown..

don’t set me on that pedestal
it’s really much too high,
eventually i’ll slip off
on tears i’ve made you cry..

don’t see me as perfect
for it’s real blood that i bleed,
i’m not this perfect angel
i’m born of satan’s seed..

i lash out when i’m mad
and when i hurt i cry,
i was born just like you
and like you i will die..

the beauty you think i am
is not who you perceive,
please see me as i am
don’t let your joy deceive..

you simply cannot mold me
into what you dream,
this is my reality
i am just what i seem..

i carry my past with me
these scars of life are mine,
like anyone of our age

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