You Are Like The Ocean Surf

Beautiful artwork and words. Please view/read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Siren Whispers


You are like the ocean surf

Whose initial foray onto rock or sand

Was intense and commanding

Brooking no resistance

And as you receded

Parts of this new beachhead

Parts of me

Remained with you

You are like the ocean surf

The rush of you

Thoughts of you

Are like the tide sweeping in

To the shoreline

I can see them

I can feel them

But I’m helpless to stop the onslaught

The water swirling in a great burst of power

Turning over sand to reveal hidden treasures

Just as the sandy beach

Is enveloped with white-tipped surf

I am consumed by you

And with each ebb and flow

Of the tides

I am pulled further

Into your current

Exactly where I wish to be

Double exposure photograph by Antonio Mora

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