“Love demand payment”


Love demand payment

The gentle lover whispered. Remember me and I will remember you. We are creatures of delight. Need torrent nights and warm morning kisses.

She begin to shave my face. Her soft hands roaming with fingers and shaving cream upon my face. She leaned her body against me.  I feel her body near and the soft movements of razor again bare skin of my face. She whispered love near is love dear. I want to be in control and you  relaxing and at my will.  I like to have your face clean and clear of facial hair. I want us to be hopeful lovers and you  to recede completely into my hands. I allowed the silence to bind us and I fell into her gentle touch.

I knew never to love in haste. Love demand payment. The ambrosia of love is to create longing and allow the fruit of love to expand and multiply.

My pretty woman laid peaceful in the tub of hot water. I poured water with a small container over her golden brown hair. I applies shampoo and allowed my hands to gentle move through full and soft hair. She closed her eyes and I told her. Love endured when we exist for each other. We must know the fierceness of true love where we miss the embrace and the kiss when we are apart. I poured the hot water over her hair allowing the shampoo to fall into the tub. She learned backward and brought her right leg to me.  I gentle spread shaving cream over tender tanned leg. I moved my hands gently ,  using the razor and enjoying the view and the softness of tender skin and beautiful smile.

She open her eyes and she asked. Why do you love and need me? I kissed her feet and I told her. You are everything and I would be nothing without you.

Coyote/John Castellenas