Ode to Writing

Powerful and beautiful words for the wants of writing. Please read and enjoy the amazing poetry and photos of the talented writer.

I Am Woman

Hello Old Love.
It’s been a while since our last meeting.

I remember
Your Words gliding off my fingers
as I leisurely moved them through the Air,
infused with your unmistakable prEsence.


Our first encounters
some lazy afternoons in my youth.

You captivated me
With your Beauty
and Candor…
My Desire for you has not waned.

The Wanting comes from Deeper Within
a fixation to be encapsulated by your breath…
Spoken Word.

But for my eyes to behold every part of you has always been my weakness.
To feel my hands skim your body is my preferred obsession,
a compulsion to be embraced by your Warmth.

And so…
Here We Are Again,
Together in the Red Room
Dancing to each other’s breath.

Hello Old Love,
It’s beautiful To Be With You again.


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