I needed a poem for love. “A woman, like you.”


A woman, like you.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Reading my poetry from 1993. Made me think of a good memory and good time.


                          A woman. like you.

Me and my sweet love  sat on a bench at the Monterey pier on a warm Winter day in 1992.
I held her tightly.
I whispered softly into her ear.

I want a woman, like you.
A woman with eyes like the deep blue sea.
With the hunger to touch and feel every pleasure.

I need to hear your laughter.
To listen to your stories and great dreams.
To be able to fall into your arms and hold you tightly when the
coldness of the night overtake us.

The kind woman smiled.
Shared warm and sweet kisses.
Told me.

“Love is fair. People who can love without fear. Open secret places and doors.
Feel safe and needed. The award is joy and peace. You are my calm and peace.”

I thanked my blue eyed girl.
I told her
“Tonight we dance by the sea. Drink sweet red wine and forget the world for a time.
Allow the sea to sing to us. The Kind Pacific ocean keeps secret of new and old lovers.
Trying to find paradise and safety in love for a moment.”

The woman smiled and told me.
“Life is to be lived and celebrated my prince.
Let’s go to the sea and we can dance with the moon and the stars.
Tonight we are free and I love you so.
Love is the last freedom. Hold me tightly and never let me go.”

The Pacific ocean was alive and well.
Two more lover’s joined with the ghost of old lover’s and new.
Making the spirit of the sea smile.
Love and kindness is the way to joy and happiness.

March 2013