My story with a rewrite. The Water, Sky and the Earth

A photo I took while on the road last year. This is pretty Castlegar, BC.

The Water, Sky and the Earth, chapter one

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part one of my project I must finish.


The water, Sky and the Earth.

Coyote- A Ojibwa/Mexican wild in spirit. Trying to figure out some reason to be alive.
He wants to do the right things. Confused by the hate and abuse of the land, water and air by the greed of men. Why does man want to destroy the beautiful forest and streams?

Little Wolf- A Cherokee  fearless woman seeking to repair damage done by Man’s hunger to own everything. Soft brown eyes. Flowing red hair like fire. Her beauty create fear in most men heart and soul.

Red Fox- A Cheyenne man seeking the next level of salvation. A 20 year Marine who won’t touch a gun or fight. He screams out in dreams. He don’t speak of War. He has pacifism tattoos on his arm. The moon and sun above the word. A large man with a big smile and strong handshake.

Silent Bobcat- A Ojibwa/white. She is the youngest of the group and still hopeful. Her white skin and smile break down walls of hurt and disappointment. A Grad of the University of Michigan. She write down great plans. Her positive outlook allowed the other to keep their dreams and hope alive.


Four people sat together on the Monterey Beach. Late 1991. Coyote passed the cigarette to Silent Bobcat.

She asked him ” What will you do Coyote? Your visions are  becoming true. The visions you are having are getting stronger.” Coyote stated Chief Seattle statement and question. “How can you buy or sell the sky? The land? The idea is strange to us. If we don’t own the freshness of the air or the sparkle of the water. How can you buy them?”

Red Fox asked “What the hell does that mean now? Chief Seattle talk with common sense to deaf and dumb men in Washington D.C. No different today then 150 years ago.”  Little Wolf smiles. Took the cigarette. Smoke it down to nothing.
“We took the journey together. Follow the Apache way to see.  Now the visions are coming true.” Coyote told her ” It is too late. Iraq drops million of gallons of diesel into the water.  The wars are here. World is in dismay. We have 30 years to fix a problem no-one want to know about. We can’t stop the poisoning of the water and the air?”


Silent Bobcat eyes are burning with anger. “If we don’t stop the pollution. Disease will begin the last journey of all Earth’s people. Including our brother’s and sister’s. Coyote, you must write down the visions and tell someone.” Red Fox smiles. He stood up. Reached for the sky.  He tried to cradle the moon.  He brought up Little Wolf. They danced to the light of the moon. Coyote and Silent Bobcat joined in.

The four met at a Pow Wow in Washington State. Many years ago.  Became friends very quickly. The were younger and braver then. Heart and mind full of hope. An old Apache Shaman Don Joseph took them under his wing. Taught them how to heal with natural medicine and herbs. They learn from Don Joseph to open their eyes with peyote and psychotropic plants.
Open their eyes to the true visions. They discover what was hidden in their heart and souls.

Red Fox was having bad dreams too.  His visions of youth were coming true. He saw death coming soon. His time in Vietnam. Taught him Death don’t give a shit who it takes. Coyote asked Little Wolf. “Who will believe an old man? It has begun. The poison in the water and air will create sickness. Africa will go first. Then Asia. Europe is beginning now.
American will be last. Youngest of found continents. Their death will be the worst. The hunger in America will destroyed
everything that is beautiful.”

Silent Bobcat told him. “We have time. We will find a way before the greed of men. Killed off everything that is beautiful.”
Red Fox brought Little Wolf closer to him. Like he felt very cold.  He told them. “Millions will died when the water and air turns to poison. Viruses with no cure will kill cities off in days. Will be no place to hide. I saw myself in a big city. Death is riding free and no-one will stop him.”

Four Native Americans sat together at the sea. Prayer for Earth. Prayer for peace. Two men can see visions of the future.
The visions are coming true. Little Wolf whisper. “Pollution and science will kill us off.” Coyote is dreaming. He walks into his house. The house smell of death. A note on the table. “We love you. We will be waiting for you. Loving wife. June 16, 2020.”

He walks outside. No cars. No movement of life. He looks to the sky. Yelled to God. We killed off Mother Earth. Falls to his knees and cries.



© 2011 Coyote Poetry