“Of And On Peace ” by a outstanding Writer Cafe writer Stonz P.

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Of And On Peace

A Chapter by Stonz P.

A translation from the lost diary of Aloysius Scherpule:





Given the current state of humankind, to be at peace one must be violent but only in their hearts. Just like the sea.

If one does not know that bitterness of a swollen wound, that staleness of fresh blood or that needlessness upon winning after nearly losing: what violence tæstes like, then how can they know the urgency of a need for peace? Moreso, what moral right do they have of preaching against violence. For all I care, every wave has two faces.            Every man who has fought for peace, must have endured the atrocities of violence before deciding to act against it. Life is not an article in your Magazin! Peace is a concept abused. It is used by the ‘greedy-for-power’ inhumans to instigate more violence. Their constant appeal for support of their (egotistic, materialistic) agendas overbears the actual foundation of peace: Love.

Peace from Love

     Love from Wisdom

     Wisdom from Peace

–          Anonymous

For such species the foundation of peace is accentuated by violence only for monætary gains; hence the enforcement of ideologies which will naturally infuse into unbloomed minds — regardless of age, becoming part of their miniscule life; these tendencies have been inherited for æges, and I fear will be inherited so for many more . . . and we may not have realised any of this even now; therein lies the main problem and we who have are few. But materialism and luxury are like food, too little of it increases stomach, adequacy of it fuels the stomach desiring for more, and excess of it will surely sicken it. There are conscious individuals in this world devoid of even the basest of civilisætions or awareness of humanity and yet dwelling almost peacefully, making do contently with what has cosmically appeared unto existence around them on this endless flat world without knowing who or what to pray to or what prayer is for that matter. Is God judging them for not worshipping or paying hard-earned taxes to Him? I shun this notion of such an arrogant overseeing entity. Such a Creator is nothing but a war inducing, blood-mongering creature which wants nothing but always a juicier, meatier piece of bone. I may still not have found who or what the Creator is but I hold belief that Death holds the answers which re to be held temporarily until we arrive back; aye, I hold that very theory to be true and await imminent Death patiently. And even if it is baseless, it provides me with a life that is sufficiently simple, a life that makes me understand the unknown by constant learning, a life that instills in me the importance of the being of him, her or you even if I do not know them, you and a life that is in abundance of peace. And romantically speaking, would that not be a waste of our beautiful Earth (those scaling mountains, these raving blue and green waters, the taste of tongues and lips, the aroma of foul smelling fish, the glory from fields of poppies, the horrors from shores of Carcosa: indeed it would result in utmost disappointment) and ultimately our greatest loss?

If peace prevailed, then perhaps fewer people would objectify the Universe and restrict their existence within it to materialism or religious sensibilities, if I may.

Peace is muddled up.

To me, peace involves being constantly calm, wise, forgiving and not to forget: violent! Just like the sea.

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