Poetry form peace “War and terror must stop. Please.”

Togetherness - 1 Corinthians 1 verse 10

War and terror must stop. Please.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Will take a miracle. 4 billion people saying we had enough of hate and violence.


War and terror must stop

“The God separate a spirit from himself and fashion it into beauty.”
Kahil Gibran

The world is in dis-ray.

Few men speak of peace.

Threats and demands are many.
Men of war authorize torture without thought.

Hope is fading.
Despair is growing.

I ask God.
Where are you?
I’m weary of war.

Ancient cities are battle zones.
Love and mercy are forgotten.
Freedom of truth and spirit are fading into
“Dust in the wind.”

Diagnosis of hate and violence men speak with
words of blasphemy.
Trying to cause hysterical and fear.

Poor women and children are in the way of war.
They are the Martyr.
Guns and bombs have no mercy for the innocence.

Vast sea separate the countries in quarrels over belief
and control.

Bringing young men and woman to places where they will face
death and learn to accept missions that will scar their souls and hearts

I gaze upon the sea waiting to make a wish on the first star of the night.
I wished  “Bring the Soldiers home safe and sound. All of them.
Please stop the madness.”

The sea waves danced slowly upon the quiet beach.
I closed my eyes. I make a wish upon a million stars.

“All people of this world need to stop.
We need a great gathering of people in all cities.
To stand together.
Sing songs of welcome and peace.
Open arms to take down walls of hate and pain.
Bringing friends and neighbors together.
Demanding the wars to end.
Stop the hate and violence in this world.
Guns and weapons to be put down.”

It is time for all countries to solve their own problems.
It is time for powerful countries to fix their own problems.
Leave the old places alone to heal and repair.

When a world is led by Berserkers.
Where no blood will cure their hunger.

The Berserkers with the blood thirst for oil and wealth/control.
Will not be content till nothing is left.

Nations will rise and fall.
Many Devils will come upon us preaching words of hate and turmoil.

“A eye for a eye will leave us all dead one day.
How many sons and daughters must die for us to understand.
We are just people.
Just different places with the same needs.
We want a warm bed, a safe place to live. Food for our family.”

Order of the gun must be put out of their misery.

War does not bring peace.
Create new hate and more thirst for blood and revenge.

I sat on a hill with the morning sunrise.
The sun  glorious bringing in the birth of a new day.
The calmness and quiet left me feeling alone.

I prayed to the sea, the sky and the earth.
I asked the spirit of life and death.

“Bring peace to this world where hope is lost.
Separation is growing.
We need a song of peace and calm.
Not the song of death and hate.”

“We will overcome. We will overcome.
Deep in my heart.
I do believe.
We will overcome someday.

We will walk hand in hand. We will walk hand in hand.
Deep in my heart.
I do believe.
We will overcome someday.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

“One voice can turn many toward good. Few voices of reason today.
Many excuses for war. No profit in peace.”