The Water, Sky and the Earth. Chapter two


The Water, Sky and the Earth.   Chapter two

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part two of my story about four people trying to find their way in a confusing world. Old Earth need some tender loving care before we kill all that is beautiful.


  The Water, Sky and the Earth

(People fall together. Some of us calls it luck. Maybe destiny?)

“Where are the Pequot? Where are the Narragansett? The Mohican? The Pokanoke and many other powerful tribes of our people.They have vanished before the avarice and the oppression of the white man, as snow before a summer sun. Well we let ourselves be destroyed in our turn without a struggle, give up our homes, our country bequeathed to us by the Great spirit, the graves of  our dead and everything that is dear and sacred to us? ” Tecumseh of the Shawnees

“I know you will cry with me, “Never! Never!”.                     Tecumseh of the Shawnees.

Winter is holding hard to the Northwest  coast.  Coyote decided to go into Tacoma, Washington State for a Pow Wow.
It is early 1976. A wild and crazy year.  He joined the Army in 1975 and he wanted to go to Vietnam. Follow his father foot- steps into wars. Damn war  ended before he finished Basic training. He sat alone at the Pow wow. A older large Native American with a military hair cut sat with him. He turned to Coyote and reached out his hand. Told him “My name is Robert Lyon.  My friends call me Red fox.”  Coyote offered his hand out.  “My name is John Coyote. My friends call me Coyote.”

Red Fox held his hand tightly for a moment and he told him “You have a terrible haircut. Are you Army?” Coyote smiled at the big man. “Yes I’m in the Army. I’m pissed off. I wanted to go to Vietnam. Damn War ended.” Red Fox lost his smile and.
told him. “War is shit. I was in Vietnam for three tours. You are full of shit. I danced in the fucking blood and swam in death.
I learn War is bullshit.”  He got up and left Coyote sitting alone.

Coyote sat alone awhile. He felt the knowledge in the words. He went to Red Fox and told him “I was sorry for talking stupid. I know I was lucky the War ended.” Red Fox handed him a beer. He told him. “Allow me to tell you a story. About a Cheyenne boy who wanted to be a warrior and volunteers for a combat job. I learn fool’s get their wishes.Been a Marine for 10 years now.  Now I must learn to live with the deeds not spoken.” Coyote listened and told him “I’m  at Fort Lewis waiting for the boat to Korea.  In three weeks I would be leaving. A foolish Ojibwa/Mexican boy with no sense. Volunteers to escape the shit of being poor and bore.”

The drums started to beat. The circle dance of friendship has started. A beautiful young Native American girl was dancing
and spreading the smoke of sage to  welcome all. A old chief, Chief Joseph was walking in the circle. He told everyone “My name is Chief Joseph. I’m a lost Apache bringing friendship to all who desire to join in the circle of friendship.” He  spread the sage smoke around to sanitize the circle. Coyote was walking with Red Fox. Suddenly a hand grasped both their hands.
A beautiful fire red hair girl held their hand tightly. She looked up and smiled at Coyote and she didn’t speak.The drums were playing. Somehow they become one in the walk in the circle of life.

After the opening dance. They both sat in silence.The drums were playing create a peace.  The young girl came to them,
reached her hand out and told them. “My name is Sara Little Wolf. My friends call me Little Wolf.” She was barely 18 year old. Both men sat in silence. She told them “I was Cherokee and born in N. Carolina mountains.” Red Fox gave her a beer.
Told her “My name is Red Fox, Cheyenne.  A confused and lost Indian and my friend name is Coyote. A Ojibwa/Mexican.”
They touched beers. Coyote raised his beer and the three strangers touched beers and he said. “To better days my new friends. I hope we live long and know great happiness.”

Coyote drove his new two friend down the coastline toward California. Little Wolf sat in the middle. It was a beautiful night.
Red Fox whispered. “Let’s go to the Monterey Bay. I have a lot of time to spare.” Little Wolf smiled. “No-one is missing me right now.” Coyote watch the road and the ocean at the distance. First time in a long time. He desired people around him.
Both Little Wolf and Red Fox were sleeping. He saw the road sign for Monterey. Red Fox was moving and fighting battles in his dreams. Little Wolf awoke and caressed his forehead like a child. He put his head into her shoulder. She hum a song and caressed him into a peaceful sleep. It was beautiful.

She held Coyote hand. Keeping him awake. “She ask what are your great plans?” He smiled. “Big Winter storm. We will ride the biggest waves of the year.” She smiled and told him. “I will watch you challenge the ocean. Nothing like two fool’s  fighting a mountain.” Coyote and Red Fox put on the wet suits. The water  was barely 55 degrees and you needed added protection again the coldness of the sea. Little Wolf sat by the fire drinking tequila  out of the bottle. They ran into  the ocean. The storms of Winter create the most powerful and dangerous waves. Waves up to 50-100 feet toss and twist you back and fro. Only safety is the suicide board and luck After a hour. The cold of the sea can’t be accepted by the human body. They returned to the fire.

Little Wolf looked so beautiful in the light of the fire. Now three new friend sat together in a needed silence. Waiting for the morning light. The peace of the sea allow the soul and heart to rest. In the morning they decided to go to Big Surf. Do some rock climbing. Try to get into open sea at Pfiefer Beach. They arrive at the River Inn around 9 am. Little  Wolf ran into a friend. She brought him to them and introduce Chief Joseph. Chief Joseph was tall and strong. He ask “You guys are hungry? Can make fresh fry bread and sausage.” All of them were hunger. Beer and tequila made the stomach needy.
Everyone ate to heart content.

Chief Joseph asked could he tell a story? They drank coffee and listen. “I was a boy born in the New Mexico desert.
Apache were hated by the White and the Mexicans. We were outcast. Our families kept us strong. My Grandfather was a medicine man for our small community. He taught me how to heal with the plants of the desert. He taught me many things that became important in my life. I was a confuse boy who dreams of killing the Whites and Mexicans. I wanted revenge for treating my people so badly. My Grandfather taught me we are one people and one earth. He showed me us Native Americans screw up.” Red Fox looked confused. “You are telling me we screw up. We didn’t steal the land. We didn’t pollute the land. Fight non-stop wars?”

Chief Joseph smiled.” Yes we had a purpose. The Native Americans were to protect Earth. The Black people has the strength and wisdom. They didn’t do too good either. The yellow people kept their knowledge to themselves. Cheating the world of wisdom and control. The white people did too good. Spreading the fire to every corner of the world. Now the world is walking on a thin line of hope. Apache, Cheyenne, Ojibwa and the Cherokee need to gather together. Show the way to being kind to our Mother Earth.”

Little Wolf asked. Is this possible? “The greed and hate of the land of the greedy and powerful men and woman. Can’t it be broken? Their greed to destroy all that is beautiful is too strong.” Coyote asked. ” I don’t believe we can see what you can see Chief Joseph? Your eyes are old and wisdom come with time.” He smiled at the three young Native Americans. Told them “I can assist your journey. I will allow you to be my last students.” Coyote took Red Fox hands, Little Wolf wrapped her arms around him. She whispered “Please let’s do this together.” Red Fox smiled.Whispered ‘”Can’t be no worst then the shit I seen already.”