Thank you Jack London, he gave me positive motivation to write. “Blame not the kiss”


Blame not the kiss

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Long Summer days bring hope and dreams of hope.


                          Blame not the kiss

The pen and paper cannot give justice to your beautiful face.
Words cannot describe the beauty of your eyes.
The great moon don’t compare to you standing near me.

I thought once, you were too wild and untamed to be held.
Now we dance on the quiet beach and we listen to the sea.

We lay together and I caressed your tender feet and I listen to your song.
You told me the charity of love is fair. Love delight is love gained.
Better to fast in love and kiss making the final plight sweet and never forgotten.
People who eat up life like pigs. Don’t remember the sweet kiss and tender embrace.

I brought my love near and told her. Blame not the kiss. Blame the kind night and your soft hand in
my hand. Allow the eternal plea of sweet dreams and hope to  make us listen to our heart and words. Real and true beauty is hidden and safe. Few people do we allow in to see us nude and unafraid. Secret and safe places are for real lovers. Unafraid of the dances and promises of more tomorrows in the  safety of the night.

The lullaby of love is fair. Real love is fasting and holding tightly in good and bad days. Listening and obeying  the heart need and want.

Bliss and sweet kiss are never forgotten.

Coyote/John Castellenas