A amazing poem from a W.C writer “Child labour”

   (Tap the writer name Kousika. A amazing writer.)

A small angel being orphaned

A Poem by Kousika

Feel of orphaned girl..Compares her with normal parented child life..


Childhood.. What a great age it is..***!!!

Everybody loves to be in those days..

The small gang that we form

to play, to laugh, to share our daily happenings.

The tree under which we sit and

chat for hours and hours..

Forget the time limit for the play that

our mom has given .. her half an hour

extends to one hour.. then slowly to

two hours.. Slowly, half a Sunday passes by..

Then, we run since mom holds a stick and chases

us..:-))Lovely days know, those were.. !!

Every human being in this world cherishes

those golden days .. loves to be in that age !!

All are lucky to have those pearl days in their

sweet memories.. EXCEPT ME ! ! ! LL

I was, the one who used to sit and watch

my colleagues, I did not study with them..

I became a spectator and they became my heroes and heroines..

whose life is always like a fairy princess..:-))

I, just, always sit upon a small stone under a tree

and gaze them laughing.. hitting each other with

hand.. stone. .and chasing each other with a cutest smile..

Even years will roll-on like milliseconds when I watch

them playing.. When their parents call them to have

lunch, I turn back to see will someone turn up

for me..! But to my bad luck, not even

the air turns up.. The sun too hides it’s face in clouds..

Then I put my head down like an evening flower

and push my feet forward.. Even it feels in sadness

and cry..

Now I understand the great feel of parents

when they see their child walking, running, talking..

It’s all the glimpse of God that He showered on them ..

I am, really, envious of them.. just because of their

lifestyle.. The affectionate grandmother who teaches them

the heritage.. The strict grandpa, but softest inside,

who allows them to pull their moustache and play..

The hardworking dad who wishes to even give the sky

for their child.. The second God, mom who prepares

and feeds them sweets on their birthday..

Though their life is not arranged with

roses, they have family as thorns who protect

them from being plucked..

I don’t have any such thorns, not even a leaf,

a leaf to hug when I hear the deadliest

sound of thunder .. LL..to protect me from

hard rock like falling rain drops..

Who will I call when I get hurt.. ?? Who will run towards me

with a bowl of food when I cry I am hungry ???

Many unanswered questions kept on sweeping like

water do with the seashore rocks.. ..

See even it has someone but I am ? ? ! ! !

Why has God given me such a huge responsibility

with no one to guide me through my path.. ??????

I stand outside every school, morning and evening,

watching people holding their child’s hand and

walking by their way.. Am I also not such a girl to get

those moments ?? Am I a thief ?? Had I did anything

wrong or harmed any people ?? Have I stolen

other’s property ??????

Why, God , have you given me this punishment ? !!

I know only one in this huge world.. that is you , Amen..

Even a thief will think only good for his child.. A stubborn

mom will be the kindest to her daughter.. A beggar

give his only one palm of rice to his son and laughs

by seeing him eating, in spite of his stomach scolding

that even it is starved for three days..

When my mates put their school bags and

moved to schools, I also put, not my school bag,

but my lunch bag to work in a quarry !!

When people say, the person who goes to a job is an employee

or called a worker, then am I also an employee..? A worker.. ??

I walk proudly raising my collar saying I am a worker with a cute smile on my cheek when I am just eight years..

Because after schooling everyone goes to a job, right ??

Then I am ahead of them.. But I did not know that

I’m a CHILD LABOUR !! !! !!

I am darkening my life, my studies , for that small

ten rupees and fifty rupees ………

No one taught me that, after their studies, they

can fly to abroad for many reasons, but I can only see the flight

only from the quarry.. though ,hardly I get that chance ,it will

only be for working.. working.. working.. Where I will see them

being my boss..

I did not realize that my life is going to be a water ,

which is though, the most integral part of all work ..

it cannot fly in the air.. touch the sky..

cannot traverse through the space..

Similarly, my life is also going to be one such

integral part but I shall not raise my standard..

cannot raise my living.. can’t relax even like a

small creature in the world.. I just have to run, run,

and chase the life.. Unknowing that it will never turn up

for me !!!!!

My life went on like a sun..

working throughout the day .. early morning

washing vessels in few homes, then working in a complex as a cleaner..

Evening as a server in a hotel.. Night stitching clothes..

Do you think my life was just that..

I had many problems that I have to face each day..

Though the problem was the same it was enacted by

different persons whom God has sent.. to test my dignity..

test my self-respect..

Each hit given by a chisel is taken by the stone in a

positive way to mould it into a beautiful manner,

I too took each incidents in my life to mould myself to

become both a rose and a thorn..

Because, I don’t possess anybody to do that for me..

I just get mesmerized when I see parents

feeding their child with utmost care in the hotel..

But, why do people scold when I simply see them..??

Am I not even eligible to at least gaze at them.. Am I such a

ugly creature ??? Why they don’t understand that I

see them not to pluck their child’s chain or

run away with their belongings..

I watch because I din’t get that great feelings.. !!!!

because I do not have anybody for me.. I don’t even possess

anybody so called blood relations..!!!

There is a saying that one will know the pain

only if they get it .. SO, people will know my feel,

understand my agony , only if they were also

born without knowing their parents.. ?????????

Not able to study.. Unable to eat a mom’s food.. ??

I just ask to teach how to write alphabet ‘a’ in English..

I did not ask you share my post in Facebook, but

I just ask you to teach me how to create a bank account..

I just want to know my country name.. just write my name

at least once because I am excited to see

how my name looks like !!!

Is this a biggest deal for anyone ???

You become excited, tensed when you see your

child has got hurt.. But why don’t you people understand

that only the street dogs come closer to me when I had

fallen and couldn’t raise..

When millions of beings passes in the road each minute,

no one spares even a second to see us begging for food or money..

Do all think we are doing it for time pass.. ??

Do you people know what happens to us when we don’t give

money to our manager.. We are about to get beatings..

are being starved for a day..

Realise that even we have the desire to go to school..

spend the weekend by lying under mom’s lap

and watching Tv .. have lunch by sitting aside dad ..

have a unfair game with my small sister and

fight as if it was a fair play..

We had dreamt about it more than

thousand times , hoping that it will be felt

and enjoyed by us, at least on the last day of our life..

We didn’t ask you all people to adapt us..

neither give your property nor your business..

We did not enquire you about your bank balance

or about your IT returns..

We, also, do not either compel you to send your child with us

or join us too in the same school..

I just, kindly, please you to do one favour for me !!

we have been longing only for this from the day of our birth $$


© 2015 Kousika