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I see you and you see me.


A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Love can be felt and real love is earned.

"nelson mandela

Just a few quotes.

Enjoy your life and tried not to damage or waste too much on the road of living.

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I love you can be spoken with the eyes. Words are sweet. Kindness and actions of
love is the base of human need and want.


You can sink or swim? Dead men leave no tales. Also you don’t know what you can find when you swim against the current or with it.


Silence my friend is true wisdom when negative words and action is all we have. Better to hold on
to silence than use negative words and actions to create permanent separation.

Credit Simply Spiritual Living www.facebook.comGoogle ImageCherish Every MomentYou can’t steal a kiss when they isn’t no resistance.
97d56b7a47560b06d28e52ac00571834You don’t find love, love finds you.
Love should lead to paradise.

Love should lead to paradise.

Coyote/John  Castellenas