The Water, Sky and the Earth. Red Fox war. Part four

The Water, Sky and the Earth chapter four


A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part four of my story of four Native Americans.


The Water, Sky and the Earth. .
Red Fox war.     Part four

Africa and Native American Culture.
Life is a seamless cycle,
We are one with Nature.
James Mannion

If you drink and take pill.
Your body will deteriorate and
it will go back to the Earth sooner.

The Sage is our protector. Chief Joseph blesses the house. He told them “Sage protects us against bad spirits and draws
them out of our bodies and soul. “He smiled and told them. ” Sage can be made into tea being a antiseptic for  allergies, colds and fever. A gargle for sore throats. A tea to calm the nerves. Today we take a long walk to the ridge. To be with the Hawks and the Eagles. I will bring my special damiana tonic. Oldest cure I have at the cabin.”

“I go to Mexico often. To collect the plants of the desert. Remember the plants are part of Earth. We must thank them for growing and healing our pain. I have a friend Don Francis. He lived near Hermosillo. He is 80 year old. A healer and herbalist. He can tell and show you where to find the healing plants. He will tell you often. He talked to him.”

Red Fox was nervous. He asked the Chief “Did he have whiskey?” The Chief touched Red Fox forehead. “I have calea zacatechishi tea. Will downgrade the desire for the whiskey.” He goes to the small kitchen. Boil the water. Adding dried herbs into the water. Little Wolf holds the hand of Red Fox. She whispered it will be Okay and she hymn a song. Coyote sat and watched. His Grandmother used many natural plants. She knew of many natural cures. Her favorite was for us kids.
Honey and vinegar for pain and bruises. One spoon of honey and equal portion of vinegar. Mix together. Put on the wound (Not open) with a white cloth. Instant healing of pain and bruising in 5-10 minutes. Coyote missed being in her house. He was safe. He remembered her chanting beautiful songs to him as a child. She was a beautiful Ojibwa woman.

Chief Joseph passed the tea only to Red Fox. The tea is very strong and sweet. He told them. “Calea zacatechihi have been used for many years. The users of the tea in Mexica call it bitter grass. Helps with headaches and depression.
Some say makes you a better lover.” They all laughs. The Chief refilled the cup of Red Fox. He poured a cup for himself and for Coyote and Little Wolf. Red Fox wasn’t shaking anymore. He smiled and he got up and hugs the old chief. The laughter of the four bring peace into the house.

Chief Joseph hands them two containers. One with fresh water and the other with the damiana tonic. He told them. “The tonic will open the mind. The damiana is a helper. If the great spirit allowed. Can heal and defeat demons in the mind and heart.” They walked toward the falling sun in the west. The mountain was getting difficult to climb. As they got closer to the cliffs. The Hawks were on alert.

Chief Joseph told them “There are much power in the plants and herbs. Need the proper steps to be able to see what the world is. Some plants can drive you crazy. Look at the people using LSD. They can’t handle the the true vision caused by the fungus. When your eyes can see everything.  Your eyes truly open. You can become stronger or fall to the confusion and fear of the  next moment. The mescaline (Peyote) had took many great people to the edge of death and death for many. When you see everything. The good and the bad. Your true spirit will come out. There must be a control environment when using the powerful plants. Only a fool would use LSD and mescaline for fun. You see everything. Something can scare you forever. The damiana tonic is a helper. Help to open up the mind and the heart.
Can free us of the bad dreams.”

They reached  the top of the mountain. The cliff,  they stood on where you could see for miles. The Chief told them. “This has been holy ground for us Native American for a thousand years. He point at some rocks in a circle. We will sit together on the rocks.” The Hawks were many now. Watching the four people. They flew above for a time. Then watched from a distance. Chief Joseph lighten the sage, blessing the ground and thanking the Great Spirit. He thanks the Water, Sky and the Earth. He told them to drink the tonic. Little Wolf told them about her Grandmother. “She was forced into the white man school. They cut her long black hair and gave her a new name. She ran away from the school and she hid in the mountain with the Cherokees.”

Coyote told her the same thing happen to his Grandmother. “She couldn’t escape and took years of pain and suffering. She would not speak of this time in her life. My mother told me. My Grandmother went crazy in her young days. She was lucky.
My Step-Grandfather saved her. She still has a good and full life.”
They sat together. Chief Joseph began to speak. “Take 5 deep breaths and hold them. The sixth breath hold for 10 seconds. Allow the pain and suffering to gather. Hold it.” Red Fox falls to the ground. His eyes are wide open. He is screaming “Get down. Get down William, Mcdonald and Davis. He screamed too damn late.”Red Fox tries to get up.Coyote and Chief Joseph hold him down. He is yelling.  “Fuck I can’t kill them all.”

He awake crying. He told them. “It was late January 1968. Camping at Khe Sanh. The Tet Offensive. We were over-ran. We fought and fought. So much fucking death all around me.”  Chief Joseph picked up Red Fox. He told them” Take five breaths. Bring the air into the body. Allow the holy ground to help in the healing. Take a deep breath and hold it.
The Hawks were close now. This was their home. Chief Joseph light the sage. He thanks the Hawks and the Eagles for sharing their home. They walked quietly down the hill. Red Fox told them. “First time I talks of the war to anyone.”Chief Joseph smiled and told them. “Somethings cannot heal. Some wounds are forever. Healing can’t take them away. We must learn from them. Learn to live with them. Men are foolish.Sending boy’s to learn death before life. The prime of their young lives. Learning death and killing.”

The rest of the walk was in silence.