“The Water, Sky and the Earth.” Part five. One woman journey.

The Water, Sky and the Earth Little Wolf story Chapter five

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part five. A journey of one woman.



              The Water,Sky and the Earth.

Little Wolf story.      Chapter five

-We must reach the end  to understand what is really important.-

Why do  man hate the land?
Why does he desire to destroy all that is beautiful.
Why are men consumed with fear and hate.
Life is simple.
Allow the children to fly free and touch their dreams.
Respect man and nature.
Earth is  like our body.
Is a temple we need to protect and keep clean of pollution.

                               John castellenas

Chief Joseph brought the oatmeal and bread to them, also the pomegranate tea. The tea is tasty and cold. Little Wolf told Coyote and Red Fox. “I have my story. Why I left my my home. I was tire of living for nothing. Since  my people sign the treaty of 1825 on the mouth of the Teton river. We Cherokee have walks a line of being pissed off and only bad dreams. My Grandfather, my Father and my Brother fought in the USA wars. They came home from great battles not celebrating like the great Cherokees who fought and protected their family and land. They came home filled with drugs and bad dreams. My Brother Paul White deer was killed on the Cambodia border in 1966. My Father and Grandfather sat down and drank themselves to death. I was eight years old. My Father would sit on a bench near the tourist shop on the mountain. Dressed in feathers and a sign. $2.00 to sit and listen to old Cherokee Indian. Tourist would take pictures and listen to his stories. His stories were beautiful. I sat at his feet. He has so many stories to tell to the willing ear. He would ask me often when he was drunk. Why the Great Spirit allowed the great Earth to be destroyed and why did the Great Spirit abandon the Native Americans?” I had no answer. He drink the black velvet whiskey. He told me “Your Brother’s favorite was the black velvet. Mother and me brought him home daily. He died last month. Took ten years of a broken heart for the whiskey to kill him. I ran away to find a reason to be alive. I wrote down most of the stories left to me by my Grandparent and Parent. I will tell you my Father favorite.Tears begin to fall for Little Wolf. Red Fox held her hand.”

Brother wind, Sister rain, Mother love and Father wisdom.

“We are protected by Brother wind. Thousand years of war and hate. We need only to climb to the top of a hill. We need to open our arms  wide. Allow Brother wind to heal and open our heart and mind.

Sister rain is a healer. When we are  weak and afraid. Her drops of rain drops will bring comfort and peace. She heal the pain done to Nature with her caressing rain. Sister and mother tears had cries for us for a thousand years.

Mother love is the gift all woman have to protect and love their children. The love of Mother Earth is to safeguard of the planet. Woman have greatest  responsibility my Father told me. He told me don’t be like him. Protect and take care of our Water, Sky and Earth. Allow the children to run free and their spirit to be able to do great things.

Father wisdom it what men must do better. He look to the sky. Bring his arms into a full circle. Do  a circle dance and chant for me. Spreading sage around us. He would bring me closer. Whisper. Father wisdom must be passed on to his children.
We must be strong and never step backward. Go forward and live well.”

He would smile and he told me. “Your Brother favorite line was. Be like a wild beast and not be afraid of what is  around the next corner. He gave you your name. He said you were like a wild wolf. Moving and struggling to escape. He gave you your name Little Wolf. He said you were not afraid and strong in heart.”

He told me often. He let the Great Spirit down. I told him the Great spirit would understand. He would hug me. Told me to dance for him. He would tap the drums and chant. I would dance for him. Only time he was content at the end of his life was me dancing. My father at his death bed told me. “You have great gifts and wisdom for your short time on this Earth.
He handed me his sacred pipe and pig bag. (He called it because made out of pig skin.) I held the pipe and medicine power  bag for 50 years. Now it is your turn.” He kissed my forehead. “Do a vision quest. Go West. Tell no-one. In the West the bad spirits can’t catch you.”

When I saw you two at the pow wow. I knew I found two confused men.I would be safe in my journey now. Chief Joseph asked could he hold the pipe and the pig bag. He closed his eyes and does a silence prayer. He touches Little Wolf face and hair. “You have the protection of wise and strong ancestors.Your Father is at peace. He is beating a drum loudly with your Grandfather. Your Brother is dancing the sacred dance of peace and hope.” Little Wolf fell with falling tears into Red Wolf arms.

Chief Joseph told them. “We have a long journey. I will drive. We will take  HW 25 to HW 198. HW 198 to HW 101. HW 101 to HW 2 in Mexico. HW 2 to HW 16 near Vecora and La Colorada. You will meet Don Francis. He is a teacher of the medicine men and Nagual now for 50 years in SW Mexico and Texas.”

Early in the morning the long trip begin. After 4 1/2 hour drive.They stopped and eat outside of Riverside, Ca. Red Fox is sweating. He asked Coyote why are we doing this?  I need a drink now. Chief Joseph poured into a empty coffee cup drink from a red cooler. Told Red Fox to drink please. Chief Joseph told them “This is my favorite tea. Mexican Tarragon. Relax your heart and mind. Grow everywhere. Our bodies are the responsibility of the owner. Put drugs and alcohol into. We pollute our spirit. Red Fox relaxed and told them. “I’m hungry as hell.”

They arrived outside of Vecora, Mexco. A small simple house with one truck in front. Chief Joseph told them. We have arrived finally. A old man and a young girl came out to greet them. The old man introduced him self as Don Francis and the little girl as Silent Bobcat. I’m 85 years old and my little friend is 10. Coyote, Little Wolf and Red Fox introduced themselves.
Don Francis told them. “I have been waiting for you. I made my old favorite. Indian stew. Otherwise anything I had in the house into the pot. Please come in. My house in your home.”

Little Bobcat  watched Red Fox sad eyes. She takes his hand. She told him. “Don’t worry warrior. I will take care of you.”
Chief Joseph smiled and whisper to Coyote and Little Wolf. “She was born too wise and strong in mind. Her parent are dead.Only one person was strong enough to care for the child. Her gift of learning and speech we are hoping will become
stronger and her voice will protect the Water, Sky and the Earth.”