“The sheep and the wolf”

The sheep and the wolf

The man lifts his bottle of cheap wine, telling the passing people. “You can’t go back after the words are spoken to cut down a sweet love.” The old man didn’t ask for coin. He stared at the sea. He was waiting.Waiting for the final sweet dream to appear.

The pretty young girl was rocking her baby. She told me. “I will be Okay. I don’t need no-one.” She was holding unto me so tightly.  I could see she was wishing for me to stay and go at the same time.

My Grandfather never married again. 55 years with my Grandmother. He told me. “I miss the old girl. She was so damn mean. A good woman she was.” I felt sorry for him. He was very glad when us Grandchildren came by. He would tell me. “Grandma would be proud of you. I’m proud of you.”

The woman danced in the open square in the center of San Francisco. She didn’t know how to be embarrassed. I smiled. Her beauty and energy for living made my heart come alive. I danced the waltz on lonely beaches with her. The moon and stars were our audience. We stole the stages at the jazz bar. She was a delight, so rare in a life. I didn’t hold on too tightly.
I wanted my lady of happiness to feel free and alive.

The woman begs me to stay. Her gift of flesh was tempting. I saw love in her eyes. I tried to tell her. “I’m dead. My heart had been cremated. All I can teach you is how to be alone.” I left her crying tears for a dead man. I tried to thank her. But when the heart is young. Words are meaningless. The desire and hunger of the flesh control the mind and the body.

The Wolf told the sheep. “Come to my den. I will treat you so gentle. I will love you. Eat your flesh slowly. Till I kill every bit of kindness that is left. You will be dead. Like me.” You will become the Wolf. Instead of the prey.”

Sitting on the road. There is blood upon my hands. I have lost control of my desire. I can’t move. I yelled at the people walking near.n”Love someone. For one day you will be alone.It will be too late to wish for forgiveness.”

The Wolf is at my feet. His teeth are dripping flesh blood. He told me. “My friend. You are my best student. Your deeds have taught me new tricks. You have become my teacher.”

I tried to run from the Wolf. I ran into the sea and  I looked at the setting sun. I prayed to the sea for forgiveness.

Love and pain. Hate and kindness. Words of love and sadness are scars and tattoos on our heart and mind. Emotions are a journey to understand. We will pay for all sins in the end.

I may play the prey. I may be the teacher of pain. Dreams will fade away. Tenderness may evaporate into the wind.
I will not try to repent. Deeds done to use and abuse will be returned  in hell.

On a warm sunny day. I can forget the pain. I can even remember to smile.  I learn to speak less. The ocean is in my view.
Create a peace for me. I wish for thing gone and lost.

I understand there is no peace for a man who wants everything.


© 2011 Coyote Poetry